In episode 16 of Treasures in Heaven, we feature Brennan Costello, the founder of the Everyday Prayer Co. Brennan teaches students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Entrepreneurship Program, but he also walks the walk by running his own businesses. His goal is to help people “pray without ceasing” inspired his latest venture.

He created the “Rosary Card,” which is the size of a business card and it can fit in places like your iPhone case back pocket or your wallet. His explanation for why he reached out to a competitor before launching his own product (14:05) was fascinating! 

We talk about much more than business, including his quarantine engagement, the unique challenges of being a young Catholic, and how we can become all become better at building community.

10% of profits from Everyday Prayer Co will go directly to the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach. 

Other resources we talked about:

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