• I’m Going Gray in My 20s

    I’m going gray while I’m still in my 20s, and I’m having mixed feelings about it. Will I dye it? Will I just accept it as is? Is one choice more holy than the other? Ugh!


  • Ep9: Healing Father-Daughter Relationships

    Author Alan Migliorato talks about his new book, “The Manly Art of Raising A Daughter.” This isn’t just an episode for fathers; it’s for everyone! We talk about how pride can keep men from truly connecting with their daughters, but we also discuss healing the father-daughter relationship and how “daddy issues” can affect the choices young women make in dating. So much beauty in this conversation! 

  • Opting out of the Rat Race

    Friends, I’m opting out of the career rat race. Truth be told, I’m just tired of trying to be “the best (fill-in-the-blank du jour).” (more…)

  • Sometimes it Bothers me that God Loves Us All the Same

    Sometimes, it’s hard for me to accept that God loves us all the same way, regardless of our behavior or accomplishments. I totally believe He does love us unconditionally, but *accepting* it is a different story.


  • Waiting for Christ with Christ

    One of my younger cousins reads my blog, and I asked her over the weekend what she thought my next topic should be. She suggested I reflect on Christmas.

    After some quiet time, I realized that I’d never truly grasped Advent. (more…)

  • Not a Cosmetics Consumer: Why I Rarely Wear Make Up (Part 1)

    I am not the ideal customer for the cosmetics industry because I rarely wear make up. I pretty much limit it to formal events and sometimes Easter or Christmas mass, and my make-up bag is super tiny with eyeshadow I’ve probably owned for 6 years (probably unsanitary actually). (more…)

  • My 3 Favorite Catholic Podcasts

    I spend a lot of time commuting so podcasts keep me company! It’s encouraging to see so many Catholic podcasts out there and I haven’t listened to them all, but here are my 3 “go-tos.”