• The List of Catholic Christmas Gift Guides 2021

    This is a compilation of the different Christmas Gift Guides from Catholic bloggers/websites. I will keep updating as I find more. This list is inclusive, so if you have a gift guide that you wrote up and want it added, just let me know.  It seems like a lot of small businesses are encouraging people to get their shopping done early because of shipping delays and supply chain issues. So maybe this will be the first year I get most of my shopping done before Advent! 

    Maybe one day I will publish my own gift guide as I’m a prolific consumer of Catholic artisans and makers. My hope is that this list will simplify your holiday shopping. 

  • Why We’re All Financially INTERdependent

    What is financial interdependence? First of all, it’s not specifically a Catholic term (aka not from the Catechism or the Bible); rather, it’s a way of thinking that I invite you to consider.

  • 2 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Finances

    A lot of times I get asked, “How much should I put into my 401k?”, “Where should I open a savings accounts?”, or “How do I start investing?” But before I can answer any of those questions, I suggest backing up the train. Choo choo! The answers to those questions will depend on how you answer these 2 questions.

  • Money Can Be a Distraction

    Money can be a distraction from my relationship with God – in times when I feel like I don’t have enough or in times when I have more than I need.