• The Wisdom from ‘Circle of Life’

    If you had told me that there was actually something to glean from an old Disney song stuck in my head, I would’ve laughed.

    Recently, my mom asked me to edit the song “Circle of Life” into a shorter version for an upcoming show. She’s a figure skating coach. Her little gaggle of tots would be skating to the famous Lion King strains. Like most times I edit music for her, the song has been stuck in my head for over four days. (This was especially annoying when I edited the Grease soundtrack.)

  • I’m Going Gray in My 20s

    I’m going gray while I’m still in my 20s, and I’m having mixed feelings about it. Will I dye it? Will I just accept it as is? Is one choice more holy than the other? Ugh!

  • How to Afford a Catholic Pilgrimage

    Raise your hand if you’ve wanted to go on a pilgrimage, but your jaw dropped when you saw the price tag! I’m talking north of $5K+ all-in for one person!  (more…)

  • Don’t hurry, Don’t Worry

    I’m writing from a tiny Catholic retreat island, where I’m surrounded by gentle waters rippling to the stones enclosing us in. 


  • I Just Quit My Job

    A few weeks ago, I quit my job in TV news. I don’t know what industry I’ll work in next or when I’ll find a job – somewhat surprisingly, I’m OK with that.