• Ep9: Healing Father-Daughter Relationships

    Author Alan Migliorato talks about his new book, “The Manly Art of Raising A Daughter.” This isn’t just an episode for fathers; it’s for everyone! We talk about how pride can keep men from truly connecting with their daughters, but we also discuss healing the father-daughter relationship and how “daddy issues” can affect the choices […]

  • 2 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Finances

    A lot of times I get asked, “How much should I put into my 401k?”, “Where should I open a savings accounts?”, or “How do I start investing?” But before I can answer any of those questions, I suggest backing up the train. Choo choo! The answers to those questions will depend on how you […]

  • Ep6: Winter Break

    Victoria explains why “Treasures in Heaven” is on winter break (hint: something very exciting happened in her life). She talks about when she’ll be back on air and what direction the podcast is taking! 

  • The Last Lunch

    the last lunch

    It wasn’t until weeks after her funeral that I realized the true significance of that meal.

  • Ep5: Options Trading for Catholics

    options trading for catholics

    Jill and Jason DeLorenzo from Ad Deum Funds talk about options trading for Catholics. Wait, what? If you’re new to investing or interested in investing, you’ll learn what options trading is.

  • Proud Catholic Company

    Proud Catholic Company podcast interview

    In celebration of Small Business Saturday, Stacie and John Martinez from Proud Catholic Company join us for the first installment of the “Small Business Series.” They share their story of working in the fashion industry in NYC to starting their own apparel company after going through a conversion.