• The List of Catholic TV Shows & Films 2022

    Welcome to the current list of Catholic-themed TV shows and films you can watch online on sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and more!

  • My Favorite Fair Trade Clothing Brands

    If you found this post, then I’m guessing you already know you want to start/continue shopping for Fair Trade Certified clothes, so I won’t go into why I love FTC and what it’s all about here. We’ll save that for another blog post. I’m also going to create a list of ethical clothing brands that […]

  • 31. The Audio Bible Super Production: How You Can be Part of It

    Today I’m talking to Krzysztof Czeczot, the founder and director of the Audio Bible Super Production.   A couple of months ago, I heard about a project called the Audio Bible Super Production. It’s a 3D audio experience of the bible, which was already very successful in Poland. Now, it’s coming to the United States! Not […]

  • The Wisdom from ‘Circle of Life’

    If you had told me that there was actually something to glean from an old Disney song stuck in my head, I would’ve laughed. Recently, my mom asked me to edit the song “Circle of Life” into a shorter version for an upcoming show. She’s a figure skating coach. Her little gaggle of tots would […]

  • 30. Gloriam Marketing: What Catholics can Learn from Jesus about Marketing

    Emily Ricci is the founder of Gloriam Marketing, a Catholic marketing agency. They work with churches, business and ministries to promote their services in a faith-based way. We talk about: Biblical principles about marketing The temptation to make your number of followers your idol  Marketing tools from the Apostles  How Jesus met people where they […]

  • 29. Financial Independence for Catholics ft. Katie & Andrew Laflamme

    Today, I’m talking with Katie and Andrew Laflamme about the FIRE (financial independence – retire early) movement and personal finance from a Catholic perspective. Katie & Andrew met as missionaries and now have a baby girl with another baby on the way! Check out Andrew’s blog, A Fire of Faith.  Resources discussed: The Root Collective: […]

  • 28. Investment Funds for Catholics to Consider: Part 2

    Let’s talk more investing! Catholics can also consider Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) funds. These are not specifically designed according to the USCCB investing guidelines, but it’s very similar. Here are some of the most popular fund families to check out: 1) Inspire Invest ETFs. Full disclosure, I own BIBL in one of my retirement accounts. […]

  • 27. Investment Funds for Catholics to Consider: Part 1

    If you want to start investing as a Catholic and you’re wondering what your options are to do so, this is the episode for you! Remember, there are no publicly traded companies that brand themselves as Catholic. So to invest in a Catholic socially responsible way, you have to find companies that fall under the criteria […]

  • Why We’re All Financially INTERdependent

    What is financial interdependence? First of all, it’s not specifically a Catholic term (aka not from the Catechism or the Bible); rather, it’s a way of thinking that I invite you to consider.

  • 7 Things to Know Before You Start Investing as a Catholic

    As part of my job, I talk about investing a lot. There’s a mindset around investing that often results in people feeling scared or confused, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe investing is something that we’re all capable of doing! Here are 7 things to know before you start investing in […]