• 29 Going on 30

    birthday cupcake

    I was 12 the first time I saw 13 Going on Thirty. For all my fellow 90s babies, please tell me I’m not the only one who remembered the main character, Jenna, saying she couldn’t wait to be “thirty, flirty, and thriving.”

  • Enter my Good Books Giveaway

    selective focus photo of pile of assorted title books

    Novelist Amy Schisler and I are teaming up to do a giveaway of our books!

  • 33. The Lego Church Project & Living with a Disability ft. John Kraemer

    Lego church project

    Maybe you’ve seen his creations – a full Catholic church made out of legos! If not, you’re in for a treat. John Kraemer, the creator of the Lego Church Project, joins me to talk about how he uses his gifts to glorify God and how no matter our state in life, we can all do […]

  • Stock the Shelves

    A friend of mine who’s a librarian told me that there’s more libraries in the U.S. than McDonalds’. I thought that was pretty cool because it seems I can’t drive anywhere without seeing a Mickey D’s. Even cooler, we all can have a say in which books our local libraries carry.

  • 32. Motherhood, Suffering, & Business ft. Madeleine Karako from Zelie Crafts

    In my return episode, I’m talking to Madeleine Karako, the creator of Zelie Crafts. We chat about running a business while being a mom, making sense of suffering (including a tragic story about her midwife), and the amazing story of St. Zelie, who inspired Madeleine’s business. 

  • 16+ Ways to Support Catholic Fiction & The Authors Who Write It

    Matthew Kelly says “we become the books we read.” So don’t we want to read fiction with virtue? If you’re searching for great Catholic fiction, it is out there. I promise! Here are sixteen ways you can support the Catholic fiction industry and the authors who create it.

  • 3 Ways Catholics Can Help Ukraine

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the brutal images coming out of Ukraine reveal a thousand-fold broken hearts. It’s natural to feel helpless, as if we all can do is cry. But there are things we can do to help, even if we’re not called to fly to Eastern Europe to help […]

  • All the Thoughts During Pregnancy

    close up photo of pregnant woman in white dress holding her stomach

    I’m writing this as I approach 39 weeks in my first pregnancy. The first trimester feels like eons ago, but I remember this crazy mix of emotions and wondered if anyone else thought these thoughts. So, here you go. You’re not alone!

  • The Ultimate List of Catholic-Friendly Charities & Nonprofits 2023

    woman holding box with inscription donate in light room

    I’m thrilled that this list of Catholic-friendly charities continues to be my most popular post – it just goes to show how generous all of you are! I’m going to keep updating it as I find new Catholic-friendly charities.

  • The List of Catholic Christmas Gift Guides 2021

    This is a compilation of the different Christmas Gift Guides from Catholic bloggers/websites. I will keep updating as I find more. This list is inclusive, so if you have a gift guide that you wrote up and want it added, just let me know.  It seems like a lot of small businesses are encouraging people […]