• No Longer Longing

    close up photo of baby wearing gray pants

    As I was rocking my toddler to sleep in her cozy, dark room the other night (we’re still working on the independent sleep thing LOL), I was reflecting on how I now have the life I so desperately wanted just five years ago: being married with kids. 

  • Beth Puleo: The Positive Disabled Adult

    beautiful black eyed susan flowers in bloom

    Beth, the blogger behind the Positive Disabled Adult, talks about her incredible cancer/radiation poisoning journey, how she trusts in God amidst health struggles, and her advice about the trap of comparison. This episode will inspire you!

  • My Next Novel: All Things New

    My next novel is coming soon! All Things New will be available to those who support my Kickstarter project (the deadline to fund my project is August 25, 2023) in September, and then it will become widely available on Amazon in October. Read the synopsis below. A story of love, betrayal, and redemption that shows […]

  • Five Lies I Believed that Made My Single Years Harder

    man and woman kissing

    Before I got married, there were many lies I believed that made being single so much harder – dare I say tortuous? – than it needed to be. I imagine that countless other women have suffered similarly, or are currently causing themselves pain with these lies. The devil delights in these lies and they separate […]

  • 43. Maria Riley: Foster Care Adoption & Writing Fiction

    Author Maria Riley

    In my first edition of “Fiction Fridays”, I chat with Catholic children’s author Maria Riley. She has an amazing, inspiring story of motherhood that includes pregnancy, birth, loss, and adoption. Plus, it inspired her to write a book series called “Adventures with the Saints.” 

  • 41. Why People Are Obsessed with the Royal Family

    crown and earrings placed on wooden table

    Why are people obsessed with the royal family? (Hint: It has to do with Jesus!)┬áThis is my theory on why we’re so captivated by Britain’s royal family. Obviously, not everyone cares about what the royals are up to, but for those who do, I encourage you to reflect on whether what I’m saying resonates.

  • A Super Simple Catholic Gift List

    photo of two brown wrapped gifts on wooden table

    I’ll be honest. I’d love for you to consider buying my novels* to give to your family and friends this Christmas season, but I know not everyone on your list is in the market for contemporary Catholic fiction for women. So in the spirit of keeping this simple, I’ve made a very short list of […]

  • 36. Happy Birthday to YOU

    chocolate cupcake with white and red toppings

    Your life is worth celebrating! Happy birthday to you! Listen to this if you need a reminder of your worth on your birthday (or even if it’s not your birthday).