I’m writing this as I approach 39 weeks in my first pregnancy. The first trimester feels like eons ago, but I remember this crazy mix of emotions and wondered if anyone else thought these thoughts. So, here you go. You’re not alone!

First Trimester

  • OMG! We’re pregnant! This is the most exciting thing ever! How did I ever think life was exciting before this?
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you God!
  • I’m a mom!
  • When are we due? Can we move the timeline up somehow? Not sure I can wait that long to see my bundle of joy.
  • Wait, am I ready? Are we ready?
  • What if we lose the baby? (Googles miscarriage risk calculator) – Repeat every few days until hitting 20 weeks.
  • What if we lose the baby and can never conceive again?
  • Is it a boy or a girl?
  • When will I start showing?
  • This is so much harder than I thought it would be.
  • Is it normal to feel nauseous this early?
  • What if all nine months are this uncomfortable?
  • All the pain is worth it for the baby.
  • When can I start blaming my ice cream cravings on the pregnancy?
  • When should we tell our family and friends?
  • Who will we tell first?
  • What can I eat? What should I avoid eating?
  • What activities can I do?
  • Why do I have to wait until 10 weeks to get an ultrasound? A lot can happen between now and then.
  • Goodie! My ultrasound shows an estimated due date of 5 days earlier than my due date based on my last menstrual period.
  • So which due date do we tell people?
  • Am I the only woman who feels clueless about all things pregnancy?
  • Now I get to buy all the cute Catholic baby stuff I’ve been eyeing for years!
  • Should I just cocoon myself inside all the time so as not to risk injury from driving a car?
  • Is this cheese pasteurized?
  • Can I have bacon?

Second Trimester

  • Hallelujah! At this point, miscarriage is very unlikely. Praise God!
  • But it could still happen. I’ll relax once I hit 20 weeks.
  • Actually, I’ll relax when I hit 26 weeks because then there’s a good infant survival rate, or so my app says.
  • I think we’re having a boy, and I hope he looks just like my husband.
  • Should we get a doula? What does a doula do?
  • When should I tell my employer that I’m pregnant?
  • Was that a kick I felt? Or just my imagination?
  • Is it a compliment when someone says, “You don’t look pregnant”?
  • Should I have a bigger belly by now?
  • Should my belly be smaller?
  • Is the baby getting enough nutrients while I’m sick and barely eating?
  • Making a baby registry is overwhelming!
  • Do we really need a bassinet, a playpen, a travel crib, a real crib, multiple changing tables, a swing, a Baby Bjorn, and a MamaRoo (is that even what it’s called)?
  • We’re having a girl! Let’s double check before I pick out all the cute outfits.
  • I never knew there were so many brands of diapers. Should we try cloth diapering?
  • I feel great! I can do this!
  • Have I gained too much?
  • Have I gained too little?
  • Omg! That was definitely a kick. Keep kicking little one!
  • Is this paper cut going to harm the baby somehow? What about the bug bite?

Third Trimester

  • Good infant survival rate at this point!
  • (Reads story about woman who had a stillborn at 38 weeks) Omg! Is this a sign? Is God trying to warn me?
  • If I got a stamp on my passport for everytime I went to the bathroom…
  • If someone says, “Get your sleep in now!” one more time…
  • How long has it been since the baby last kicked me?
  • Why are people so curious about how much weight I’ve gained?
  • Do I have a double chin now?
  • Parenthood is going to be an adjustment.
  • Everyone has different opinions about everything baby-related.
  • The baby product business is massive.
  • What if I can’t figure out how to breastfeed?
  • I’ve barely read any of these newborn books. Does that make me a bad mom?
  • How can I raise a child when I still have so much to learn myself?
  • What’s the cost/benefit analysis of getting off the couch right now?
  • Do I really need that pen that just fell on the floor?
  • I need to pack the hospital bag.
  • Are these false labor contractions or the real deal? (Finds a dozen different articles on the topic and still unsure)
  • Still need to pack the hospital bag. Why am I procrastinating?
  • When will she arrive?
  • Any day now!

I hope you could relate to one or more of these! I found the first trimester particularly hard because I was worrying about the baby’s development while also not being able to talk to anyone about my fears except for my husband and Jesus. I yearned to talk to another woman for some reassurance that all my thoughts were normal.

One idea I heard and loved is offering up each contraction for someone. I learned this from Lorissa Horn at Made for Greatness. So I designed my own sheet that I’ve printed out, and I’ll have my husband fill it out during each contraction. If you want a copy of my “Offer it Up Contractions” worksheet for your own labor, you can get it below.

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