Welcome, I’m Victoria Everleigh and I write contemporary Catholic women’s fiction.

I self-published my first trilogy, Vows For Life, in 2022, followed by my first Kindle Vella serialized fiction series, Dial the Doula (Young Adult/Romantic Comedy), in 2023.  

Family First

My husband, my daughter, and I live in New England, which is the perfect location for me since I love the snow and the winter. I’m a big Jennifer Fulwiler fan (we’d be besties, in my mind), so writing fiction is what I would call my “blue flame.” My other favorite way to spread beauty in the world is through figure skating (hence my love of cold weather).

I really want my readers to feel like they’ve entered into the mind and life of another person, who makes them feel seen and understood. Fiction has helped me get over break-ups and process pain, so I hope my books will do the same for you.

Much of what I write on the blog, though, pertains to:

  • personal finance
  • sustainable living
  • ethical fashion
  • dating/marriage
  • tidbits from my life that I think could help other people

If you’re reading this, chances are we may never meet in person, but if you did meet me in person, I would hope you’d walking away thinking, “She is someone who loves God and is kind.” I’m definitely a flawed human, so I hope you won’t hold me to an unattainable standard just ‘cuz I’m Christian!

About You

Now, onto the part about you.

I may not know you personally, but I know you’re a daughter or son of God. That gives you infinite worth! That worth can’t be taken away, no matter what you do or don’t do. This is not some cheezy platitude. You see, I used to think that knowing my worth came from God and not from my accomplishments meant that I could just live my life as a couch potato. But what I’ve learned is that it’s precisely my love of God and His love for me that springs forth my actions and my creations. As my heart swells, it naturally wants to create and give and do good works, not sit on the couch forever.

How it All Started

I started this blog (originally known as ConsumerCatholic.com) in 2017 when I was still working in television news. At the time, I was chasing dollars and cents more than I was chasing God. In 2021, I renamed the blog to Victoria Everleigh to orient it more towards my novels, but you can still expect me to keep blogging.

Since 2018, I’ve also been running the podcast “Treasures in Heaven,” which I learned how to create through Youtube videos and lots of Google searches. I don’t publish on any sort of regular schedule; it’s purely a hobby for me. If you’re interested in being on the podcast to talk about anything related to the Catholic faith, your small business, your book, whatever, please reach out to me.

I have a Facebook page related to the blog, which I sporadically update with Bible quotes, saint quotes and sometimes my own quotes when I’m feeling inspired!

I don’t have an Instagram, so I always say, “Instead of following me on Instagram, go follow Jesus!” God Bless!

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