I’ll be honest.

I’d love for you to consider buying my novels* to give to your family and friends this Christmas season, but I know not everyone on your list is in the market for contemporary Catholic fiction for women. So in the spirit of keeping this simple, I’ve made a very short list of amazing Catholic products to keep your shopping as unhurried and low-stress as possible.

KISS: Keep it Simple, Sweetie

One of my favorite concepts for Christmas shopping is to keep it simple by buying what I call evergreen gifts. These are gifts that I could give to almost anyone. Now, I know that might sound impersonal, but what I do is I pick items that I’ve used/would use and buy them in a variety styles/scents/etc. Then, when it’s time to give gifts, I go through my stash and find one that I think the gift recipient would enjoy.

Plus, when you buy gifts in bulk, you may get shipping discounts or bulk discounts.

Catholic Family Crate

I love the idea of family gifts, especially as a recipient. Instead of getting an individual gift for all members of a family, you can get them one big gift that they can all enjoy.

Coupon Code: VICTORIA for 20% off through December 31, 2022

CORDA Candles

My favorites are Compline, Morning Lauds, and Sweeter than Wine. I usually buy a bunch of candles in bulk to have on hand for when I need to gift people throughout the year.

I interviewed Anna, the founder, on my podcast. You can listen here.

Sock Religious

Socks have always been my go-to as a gift for someone who “has it all.” Why not remind your giftee of the saints while you’re at it? There are styles for men, women, and children.

I love the No-Show socks. I recently treated myself to the Saint Therese ones during a 20% off sale. When buying for others, I like to think of whether the person has a special devotion to a saint, is named after a saint, or could use the encouragement of a certain saint.

You can also sign up for their newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of their webpage to get notified on sales, which are very common this time of year.

Kids’ Books

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone that, as an author, one of my favorite things to give are books. I’m just going to cover some of my favorites:

Looking for More?

Of course there are so many amazing Catholic retailers out there and I couldn’t possibly list all of them here. If you’re looking for that Christmas catalog experience for Catholic gifts, then check out this Very Catholic Christmas Catalog.

Remember, you can cultivate peace in the midst of Christmas shopping. You can make it simple. You don’t need to browse every website. It’s OK if you realize after placing an order, that you forgot a coupon code. It’s all going to be OK.

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